I’m a journalist now but I did spend several years working as a union organizer and a health policy analyst for a labor union in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. I also spent sometime in Brooklyn not working.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with a double major in History and Public Policy. I created and host a monthly (and exhilarating) live series called Public School.

I wrote a book and it’s pretty smart!

I’ve been published in The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, The Guardian,Wall Street Journal, GQ, The New Republic, Out, Spin, The New Statesman, New York Magazine, The Telegraph, Los Angeles Magazine, BookForum, Russia GQ, The Morning News, Pacific Standard, Buzzfeed, The New Inquiry, Elle, Slake, In Style, Latina, Blackbook, Bullett, Good, The Awl, Salon, E! Online, The Daily Beast, The Daily, The Hairpin, and Gawker.

contact: natashavc at gmail dot com